Rent a Phone / SIM Card

No phone or SIM Card? Rent a mobile or SIM Card at your arrival to Chile, and return it at your departure, paying only the calls you make and the SMS you send.

No plans, no surprises. Just choose Entel_Rent at Santiago International Airport.


When renting Entel mobiles and SIM Card, you will access the following rates:

  • CL$400 per minute in local calls.

  • CL$950 per minute in international calls.

  • CL$200 per message sent within Chile and to other countries.

  • All received calls are free of charge.

  • There is no additional payment per rental day.

  • Rental considers a voucher in guarantee.

  • If you only rent the equipment, this has a daily rental cost of CL$3,000

  • If you want to rent a SIM Card, check if your handset is compatible with a 1900 MHz frequency.

Where to rent

At any of the Entel stands in the 1st and 3rd floors of Santiago International Airport.

Equipments and guarantees

LG Optimus Pro C660h


Ch$150.000 as guarantee.

SIM Card


Ch$100.000 as guarantee, if rented without an Entel handset.