National Transport Network Services

Transport services over the DWDM and SDH network that offer wide coverage and Entel support in Chile to make point-to-point and domestic backbone connections.

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Designed for telecommunications and IT companies that wish to support their domestic business with the guarantees of Entel’s experience, security and coverage.

Each one of these services can be adapted to the needs of each client within the transport network and telecommunications company backbone, in different formats.


  • Support for Entel’s DWDM and SDH transport network with high availability levels throughout Chile.

  • Speeds from Sub-rate E1 to Sub-rate SDH and DWDM.

  • High SLA levels associated with 1+1 transport network and availability agreements that depend on the type of last-mile access.

Service quality is assured by Entel’s NOC (Network Operations Center); responsible for monitoring, administrating and coordinating the international network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its mission is to minimize whatever impact to clients stemming from network maintenance or faults.