Wholesale Domestic IP Network Services

Services connecting domestic and international operator networks with local users using Entel deployment, national coverage and support.

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These include all date services provided between two or more sites in Chile and are aimed at local and locally-established overseas telecommunications operators and IT providers, and have the flexibility to be adapted to the particular needs of each client.

For long distance services, Entel Wholesale has large fiber optics, digital microwave and satellite networks to deliver services by our own means from end to end at competitive prices.

For the local part of each service, Enel Wholesale has its own external plant in copper as well as in fiber optics.

The domestic data network is made up of nodes throughout the country using IP, MPLS, TDM, ATM and Frame Relay technologies, each one backed up by the trustworthiness of our wide experience.

Projects for these services include an essential pre-sale phase consisting of technical and commercial teams working with the wholesale client to defiene the best network architecture to satisfy present and future requirements.

In post-sales there is a technical team dedicated to monitoring systems in operation and administrating the events and faults that could affect wholesale clients’ services.


  • Transmission rates from 64 Kbps to 622 Mbps.

  • Coverage in Chile’s principal cities.

  • Optional local access redundancy.

  • Price list depending on bandwidth and distance.

  • Service Level Agreements with strict commitments to availability.

  • Optional provision of equipment in clients’ premises (CDE).

  • Access by fiber optics, copper, wireless, VSAT and XG Mobile Access (mobile network platform).