Wholesale Internet Access Service / IP Traffic

High availability backbone infrastructure with high capacity connections and redundancy for different Tier 1 and Tier 2 ISPs in the USA through independent routes offer our clients a single, strong connection with high availability and fast convergence in the event of faults.

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IP Traffic Service offers telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers direct access to Internet’s global backbone through an international IP network of different providers with points of presence in the USA and Europe and with direct connections to the whole world.

In South America, services are provided using a submarine fiber optic network deployed in a ring around the continent’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Transmission from end to end is over fiber optics at a rate of Nx10 Gbps, available in every point of presence built in a fault-tolerant architecture.

The service has been specifically designed to satisfy the needs of telecommunications operators and internet service providers, especially those wishing to start or increase their Internet connections with high levels of transmission, security and performance.

Local content is provided directly through regional IP networks, providing optimized performance of traffic routing.

For clients in Chile and abroad service quality is assured by Network Operations Centers (NOC), which are responsible for monitoring, administration and coordination with different providers in the event of faults or programmed occurrences in clients’ services.


  • The service offers the following modes of access to the Entel Wholesale Core in Santiago:
    - Dark fiber and 1 and 10G Ethernet DWDM.
    - Through 1 and 10G Ethernet capacity DWDM transport network.

  • High performance; private and transparent channels.

  • There is no capacity overbooking in the international network, and clients pay only for what they consume.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with commitments on service availability, loss of packages and delay of packages.

  • Different options for local access backup: SDH with APS and MPLS with BGPv4.