International Network

International transmission capacities are provided by points of presence, using different cable systems.

Entel has an international network that is made up of:

  • Points of Presence (POP) in Miami Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima.

  • Entel’s participation in the Americas-2, Maya-1 cables, as well as Columbus 3 in Ojus Miami, and the connection to the NAP of the Americas.


Points of Presence

Entel can reach anywhere in the world through its NNI (Network 2 Network Interface) agreements.)

It also has the following On Net points of presence::

  • Santiago

  • Buenos Aires

  • Rio de Janeiro

  • lima

  • St. Croix

  • Los Ángeles

  • Miami

  • New York


Points of Presence in the US

Los Ángeles


New York

624 South Grand Ave.
Cage # C19
1 Wilshire, LA 90017,
NAP/NXX: 213/612

NAP de las Américas
50 NE, Nine Street
LaNautilus Cage
Florida 33132
NPA/NXX: 786-3160

60 Hudson Street
Meet me Room Fibernet
Ground Floor, Cage # 7
NPA/NXX: 212-7327

Chile-Argentina ring

Chile and its neighbor Argentina have a DWDM technology fiber optic ring offering 10 Gbps Lambda transport capacities.

The features of this telecommunications union are:

  • Potential capacity: 40-400 Gbps Lambda.

  • SDH / Ethernet Technology.

  • 99.98% SLA.

  • 24/7 support

  • Permanent monitoring.

Openings in the main cities of Argentina

Fibra óptica Chile-Argentina