Domestic Network

Chile is connected by a fiber optic network that runs through the whole country.


Entel uses DWDM technology in domestic network and satisfying the communication requirements of companies and individuals in all of the country. This domestic fiber optic network has international connections from Arica to Peru, Bolivia and Central America, and from Santiago outwards to the rest of the world.

Entel also has a digital microwave network in place between Arica and Coyhaique. This network is used as a means of regional transmission and as a “capillary” network for PCS mobile telephony, wireless data services and TV signals. For transport from Punta Arenas to Santiago a land-based microwave network and optical fiber has been established that uses foreign suppliers’ transport resources.

Entel also has a domestic satellite network of three land-based low and medium capacity stations located at different points at covering areas as isolated as Easter Island, the Southern Highway, Punta Arenas, Puerto Williams and Chile’s Antarctic territory. This network operates on C and Ku frequencies using capacity on INTELSAT and TELESAT satellite systems to provide services such as telephony, satellites transmission, Internet and TV and digital audio signals.

Entel Wholesale also offers a VSAT platform aimed at LAN/IP traffic and Internet.

The metropolitan network that covers almost all of the city of Santiago has SDH y DWDM and STM 16 (2,5 Gbps) capacity primary optical rings. This network supports a metropolitan backbone interconnecting all the company’s points of presence. With the same concept, STM 4 (622 Mbps) and STM 1 (155 Mbps) rings make up an FTTC access network with more than 130 points of presence in the country.

IP technology with domestic and international trunk line gateways has been introduced into telephone networks, and Entel has two digital IP (soft switch) switchboards for national local telephony coverage.