Servicios satelitales

Satellite Services

Large astronomy centers have chosen Chile for the implementation of satellite projects for space tracking and monitoring because it has the cleanest sky in Latin America.

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The rental of the Longovilo Satellite Platform and other deployed throughout Chile and abroad to national and foreign companies that demand data transmission services by satellite. Services are also in the implementation of new satellite infrastructure in accordance with the particular needs of each client.

Until recently, Longovilo was Chile’s door to the world, but with the arrival of fiber optic cable Entel Wholesale had to re-invent itself in the use of this technology. Because of Chile’s geographical complexities, Longovilo is our central teleport for coverage of the communications needs of principal cities in southern Chile, the Antarctic and the islands.

Longovilo Earth Station


The Longovilo Earth Station is Entel’s principal teleport in Chile. Its installations have the best capacities for the transmission and reception of signals from Intelsat satellites for telephony, data and digital TV. This technology keeps Entel and Longovilo at the forefront of telecommunications services.

The Longovilo teleport started operations in 1968 and was the first station of its kind in Latin America. It allows Entel to offer an appropriate mix of experience and technical capacity that includes the most modern equipment used in satellite communication earth stations.

Longovilo 1



  • Antenna: LOL-01A.

  • Standard: A.

  • Size: 30 mts.

The first in Latin America since 1968. Meets the standard "A" of Intelsat.

Currently not in use.

Longovilo 2


Longovilo 2

  • Antenna: LOL-02A.

  • Standard: A.

  • Size: 32 mts.

The first national services since 1977. Meets the standard "A" of Intelsat.

From August 2011 serves Telemetry, Telecommand and Control (TT&C) for positioning satellites in geostationary orbit.

Longovilo 3


Longovilo 3

  • Antenna: LOL-03A.

  • Standard: A.

  • Size: 18,3 mts.

It operates domestic services since 1981. Meets the standard "A" of Intelsat.

Currently in use with international and domestic services of type IDR, IBS, telephony, data.

Longovilo 4


Longovilo 4

  • Antenna: LOL-04B.

  • Standard: B.

  • Size: 11 mts.

Installed for TV broadcasts in 1986. Meets the standard "B" of Intelsat.

Currently available.

Longovilo 5


Longovilo 5

  • Antenna: LOL-05C.

  • Standard: C.

  • Size: 9 mts.

The Ku-band first season in Latin America since 1996. Meets the standard "C" of Intelsat.

Currently in use with National Services VSAT, TV and Data Distribution IBS.

Longovilo 6


Longovilo 6

  • Antenna: LOL-06A.

  • Standard: A.

  • Size: 16,4 mts.

The first in Latin America since 1998. Meets the standard "A" of Intelsat.

Currently available.